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September 8, 2004 - A poem about Friendship

One of My Friends is Me

My friend.
We’ve known each other
for as long as I can remember.
Like wheels on a bicycle,
one powering - the other, steering.
Dodging the rockish flip and flop
that life sometimes hurls upon the road.
Since early on; laughing, crying and muddling.
Through the rambling mechanism of it all,
laughing with - not at. Crying alongside,
not because of. I’ll recall us always cheering,
our steps together aside the rut and tangle of life.
Then, there is your awkward, morning grin!
Watching the scrape of my sleepy eyes;
squeezing toothpaste onto the day’s brush -
whispering sound advice, reminding me not to mumble,
making sure, I finish all my … sentences.
And now, there is someone waving a finishing flag,
I look for you to see it too. But where is that grin?
Where is the swagger of the only one who holds me up
when I have no right to stand? Where are you my friend?
Show me again! Unfurl my confidence - offer your calm surety,
help me once more to grasp the way of things.


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