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January 25, 2012 - A poem about Saying hello

This Hat

Some people
don’t like
but me I am,
a pre-loved man
this much I know
this hat I wear,
some people
they don’t understand
this thought I have
this pre-loved man
this hat I wear -
is who I am.


March 5, 2010 - A poem about Saying hello, Love

The one I see

It’s hard to introduce myself,
start a conversation about simple things,
learn the ways we can join hearts,
touch minds, swap smiles, be warm with each other.
All I want, is to roam those miles of your eyes,
be a good soul finding grace in your gaze,
reel in the sparks dancing between glances,
fall into the gravity of who we might be.
But how, how will you even notice me?
Mouthing these, these tiny, silly words
too soon, too much, too late, no doubt -
and blood is rushing my intentions,
the world is spinning, twisting, whirling
and everything is blurring
into one.

You are that one.


September 16, 2009 - A poem about Saying hello

Thank You

We forget
the little tokens,
the tiny nuances
the real interactions
a nod, a wave, a smile.
Here, mere transaction -
click, clack and don’t come back.
It’s all pretend but you, you are real
and I thank you stranger
for taking this time
and here, now
I feel real


February 26, 2006 - A poem about Saying hello

Saying Hello

I am stonepoem, once known for writing internet poetry at stumbleupon. 365 poems written between 2004 and 2005, and then, no more*. This started as an experiment about documenting an existance in poetry and sharing verse with other poetry blogs and writers who had become online friends - but it has became so much more.

I hope you enjoy what I have written for you.


* that’s a lie now, because I’ve started writing again…

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