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May 5, 2010 - A poem about Puzzles

It Speaks For Itself

it does,
or it doesn’t
What it says,
goes without question.
What it does -
now takes possession.
What it says, what it wants
what it knows,
this is all
it does.


April 2, 2007 - A poem about Puzzles


you know
I know you know.
You know
I know
you know I know.
I know you


July 7, 2005 - A poem about Puzzles

The First Fibonacci Poem

F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .
F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .

F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .
F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .

F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .

F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .
F i b  o   n     a        c              c                       i                                  .

May 26, 2005 - A poem about Puzzles

Puppet Man.

Behind the puppet show
where children never go,
there stands a lonely man
who tugs the strings
that bind the arms
of childish things.

Behind the puppet show
and stripy canvas throws,
lie nervous little hands
with spinnered plans
to hide the charms
that clownhood brings.


March 21, 2005 - A poem about Puzzles

Twelve Cats.

Astrophe was responsible for the end of the world -
A problem for Amaran who was sailing the globe.
Then there was Alogue who wrote it all down
And Hode of course, painting pictures for all.
Next came Holic, preaching holiness and peace
To Erpillar and Egory dividing lines from his book.
Kneeling below old Hedral’s cloistered beams
Harsis quietly waits for inspiration of heart
Behind quick witted Apult (the first to arrive)
And philosopher Ching, with Alyst in tow.
All purring vainly, that THEY were the ones
Who started it all.


January 5, 2005 - A poem about Puzzles


Nothing here is real,
And nothing is revealed,
For the stirrings that you feel,
are just secrets you conceal.
And nothing here is true,
For the foibles that were you
Became the missing clues,
In the puzzle we both knew.
Nothing more is nothing less
than nothing said.


November 23, 2004 - A poem about Puzzles

Mystery Play.

What goes on in Party Room #1?
Up the three-tiered powder coated stairs
Above the standard frippery
Young mums know of attended fun
And tight banister climb to high-window
Ledged behind the plastic green.
Just take your shoe code -
And present it at the door.


August 13, 2004 - A poem about Love, Cosmicity, Puzzles

Isle of Yew.

There’s a voice
amidst the noise of stars.
Feint, but distinctive.
Sawtoothed in wave
and cackle of ozone.

Sensed among the spark
and spin of planets through
the galaxy, like bats circling
flare-wicked candleflame.

The voice is calling.
Vague, repeating, passionate -
words that want me to understand.
Argh! I just can’t catch the drift:

“… all our youth … ill of you
… oil of hue … isle of yew …”

What is the sky trying to tell me?
Do you hear what it says?
Can YOU work this out?


August 10, 2004 - A poem about Puzzles


Who is this ‘I’ of whom everybody speaks?
They do seem very self pre-occupied.
How they feel and what they do,
it means something to them, obviously.
But what is ‘I’ to me and you?


June 10, 2004 - A poem about Cosmicity, Puzzles

Lesson (a butterfly has two wings)

Who is yearning?
He says to me.
Is it you?
Asks I of he.
But who is you?
He questions I.
“You are learning”
is my reply.


May 5, 2004 - A poem about Puzzles

Something Else to Solve.

Maybe it’s my filters,
codebase unknown.
Pattern undefined,
orbit squared,
lens misaligned.
These mouldings squeezed,
are elder signals lost.
Tune me in.


May 1, 2004 - A poem about Puzzles

Work it Out.

Paint the corners first,
Rubik mix, then shake the box.
You’re the one they’ll never solve,
Straight piece missing, broken edged.
Attractively packaged,
but no right way up,
not up nor down.
Self-build enigma.