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July 17, 2017 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature, Lyrics

Our Forefathers Told

Sleeping in barrows
Where fields lie fallow
In tracks we now follow
What Forefathers told.
Of keeping these stories
In buried history
Where Earth was the glory
Our Fathers foretold.
From Downland to Midnight
From Noonbright to candlelight
To gratitude of foresight
The Forefathers told.
Of listening to land
Where all used to stand
And nature commands
We’ll hear what they told.
Of praise and lost hallow
Where boys search for arrows
And men mark the shallows.
Watching seasons take hold
Letting histories unfold
As ever, as before,
This is as foretold.


April 23, 2015 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics


What lies beneath the river sway
As my line flies and weaves its way
A Trout or two maybe, I’d say
But they can wait another day.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it takes and I am hooked.

As ripples curl the leaves unfurl
And sunlight falls like spilling pearls
Gatherin’ there the waters swirl
All is fine in this small world.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it took and I was hooked.

As Bulrush on the rivers bend
Chatter to the gentle wind
Secrets for elusive friends
Whispers to these hours I spend.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it needs and I am hooked.

Should I wander on and try the weir?
Or maybe I might stay right here
Stay, and grab a keep-net beer
Watching dusk as waters clear

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it takes and I am hooked.

Yes. Stay here near the riverbank
Wonderin’ who it is to thank
Nothing chasing bait I sank
Yet I remain, a hopeful man.

I am hooked, you see. Hooked.
One cast, is all it took,
And I, was hooked.


February 12, 2013 - A poem about Nature

Think of Owls

Three times the beauty
sweeping down to where you were,
breathless and unveiling,
never telling until now.
Silent like your thinking
the grey winds held,
no speaking, just seeking,
teasing you to act.
Quiet as an arrow
circling to surprise,
You were watching, you were waiting -
The sky was a canvas,
no less no more.


February 11, 2011 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Alchemy of Leaves.

Season long,
from shoots to shouts
to last parade then cut of spade
all mark season’s trade.
As light misleads, oh how I see
- means more to me than just
a change in nature’s song
these leaves - leave nothing gone,
sailing though their colours fade
hailing crowds with all they had or made
they urge me now to keep my trust,
when nothing’s right, and nothing’s wrong
when circles never double,
and where spirits turn to dust,
this alchemy of leaves it calls
and in my heart
it stays.


December 23, 2010 - A poem about Humanity, Nature

The End of the World

On the horizon
we stand
gripping the rails,
honour fading
like sand,
folding the sails
sf Nature,
some might say
we cling
to this land
hearing the wails,
so few can
this torpor
before end,
all and each
in one command.
Cursing tales,
that weigh us down
in earth’s reprimand -
Gaia, tipping scales -
against the firebrands
moving her veils
beyond our hands,
as she demands,
we must not


July 5, 2010 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Too Good to Burn

Below the moon at Uffington
between the folds of chalkhill gown,
we sit beneath the White Horse stars,
see flames and sing this song.

O’ Stars and embers dance your crown
as woodsmoke turns the hour’s dust,
and as we do these things we must,
this night it shall be ours

Above, see nervous lanterns rise
like strange birds from another time,
we wait below this all tonight,
and contemplate the flow.

Stars and embers dance your crown
as woodsmoke turns the hour’s dust,
and as we do these things we must,
we know, this night is ours.

Below the moon at Uffington
we sing beneath your ancient night
we contemplate the eventide
and tell of White Horse downs.

So stars and embers raise your crown,
as woodsmoke turns, the hours must -
we hold one simple truth to trust,
this night is ours to own.

Now sit, and sing with us.

Listen to Tim Graham’s beautiful interpretation of this poem >>>


November 19, 2009 - A poem about Nature

Wait for dolphins

like mountains
more than stone
jumping sunset
silvered Firth
chasing Oyster skies
to edge of Loch
and on to Glen
as shadows fade
I follow


November 1, 2008 - A poem about Nature

Winter Comes

Below the ripple sway
polished dark like night
above, a silver stream
time lapsed rushing by
smooth, as melting ice
hello says the curling sky
pressed like frosted bacolite
in love? the elders dream
through moonlust eyes
and truth like sifted rice
so low, now winter days
relished not as if by right
a shove sleeved scream
rhyme hatched and rushing by
and proud as wish-tree ties
and still in awe of morning rise
am I.


March 28, 2008 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

The Wind Again.

They wondered what the wind was for
scattering kernels on dark floors
raising arms as fronds in breeze
calling troops to last frost seeds
rising now above their needs
and yes, they wondered
had they sinned before?
Shattered deeds, and maybe less
but surely more than click of knees
cornered bent for scattered creed
locked and chasing seasons tease
and here now, hearing wind
feeling whispering, teasing,


March 12, 2007 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics


Go where white horses lay
on green blanket down
hear young men tell tales
of old Marlborough town.

Run where country girls stay
we’re resting our heels
near riverbank’s bend
with spin in our reels.

Skip past bulrush and sway
where hill winds come
alive to our ways
in fields we roam,

And all, towards our home.


January 8, 2007 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature, Lyrics

You and I are rain

need rain
like you and I
disolving soil and
seeping down to earth
once and through again
we go like icey broth
when winter chimes
in want of some reprise
we wake, and nourish all
feel each kernel, every husk
writhe and double
push the clay and loam
grasp the psalm of storms
and later, balm of stars
at dusk.
We are rain soaked
you and I
and into the footings we fall
ringing the brittle song
that calms and tells of time
renewed, like seeds
and rain
like you,
and I.


October 7, 2006 - A poem about Nature, Belief

The Strength is Mine

By ushered dawn
I’ll whisper long,
By winds since gone
I’ll sigh.

By fountains bold
I’ll summon hold,
By ancient song
I’ll try.

By stars above
I’ll call on love,
By mountains tall
I’ll cry;

By limbs of oak,
By none things spoke,
By thread of Nature’s cloak,
I now invoke.

Much more,
Than I.


September 13, 2005 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature

Change’s wind.

Gather in the sun
Make the most
Before it’s done
Watch ripples
One last time
See the flowerings
Nature’s won
Meditate on how
Summer’s changed
The evening show
And even birdsong
Before season’s reel
And greying days
We all will know
Farewell now
To kind and warm
Before the storm
Before the spike
Of needle wind
And open souls


June 25, 2005 - A poem about Nature


Let us be caressed
like refreshed lovers,
underneath fingertip rain.
Let us lie below the sky
and feel the wake up calls,
falling like soft arrows -
into valleys of tired skin.
Let us smile amid the downpour.
Let us swim in rivers formed.
It is Summer and now
we should welcome rain.


June 13, 2005 - A poem about Nature


It’s the colour she wears
and I see her everywhere.
I see her in trees
and in hillside shows,
I see her on grassy mounds
on bankside river flow.
She throws a shawl upon the land
and plays her verdant hand.
It’s the colour she wears
and I see her everywhere.


June 1, 2005 - A poem about Nature


Let the
water flow
down stoney slope
through hillslip mud,
breaching kid built dams
over oldwash twigs.
Let it filter,
let it purify,
let it flow.


May 26, 2005 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature

Rainbow Somewhere.

Shame you missed the rainbow
I really wanted you to see,
it was like the edge
of a butterfly wing
magnified and stretched
across the sky.
Something about it
seemed so powerful,
so magical. I even believed
that on this strange day
it would curl from me
to you.


May 20, 2005 - A poem about Age, Nature

British Summer Time.

It’s time to re-arrange the coats and shoes,
and it troubles us there are some we never use.
Especially now, we’re on the cusp of sunny days,
gone should be Wellies and brolly stand ways.
Soon, it’ll be time for birdsong chime
and jaunts, and hushed marvelling at the climb.
We’ll sit at the top of the hill with beer instead of rain,
watch people flowering in their saunter up the lane.
A time for sleep and softkissed breeze,
evening pored with dreams that race like bees.
And on towards the half-eyed chase of dawn,
we’ll tip-toe over dewsoaked lawns.


April 25, 2005 - A poem about Nature

Diary of a Storm.

I was a black hearted storm,
Giant in the crack of sky.
Telling all to cower and hide
Like sodden lads shivering
Below cracked windowsills
And hidings from drip and drain.

I sent them daggers of rain
From a sudden underworld,
Sliced the air into fragments
Of stilled and hushed awe,
Undoing the buckle and brace
Of comfortable lives.

Then, I scratched the skies.
Gave them electric glint
Connected ground and cloud
To signal my amusement
And spun them like reels
Reaching end of spool !

Above, I laughed on.
Enjoying the drama
Of this pretence
Over these scurried ants
Seeking shelter’s vanity
Below the leaves that blow.

But then, I felt subdued
And muted in intent.
I saw the ground below
In circle of season’s clash,
Sensed the cries of broken corn
And their angled stalks in bow.

Did I feel remorse?
Did my hesitation signal
Limitation of my force?
I stopped, and sniffed
The air and earth below -
All fine with harvest’s scent.


April 19, 2005 - A poem about Nature


Not years, or months - this season leap
Like skimmed stones spun on cleaving lakes
Not days, or hours - that lover’s keep
Or driftwood sprites helmed in flow.
Not time, feelings like ocean’s bones
Kissing moon-drenched span and bow.
All measures of a fate we share
Born of waters we’ll come to know.


March 24, 2005 - A poem about Nature

Curtain Call.

The shoots are out and blood feels flow
Of inner tide and undertow. The sun,
Alert to season’s bow, pulls chord
Of cloud-winged fanfare call,
To signal start of this -
A most extraordinary
Of shows.


January 28, 2005 - A poem about Nature


The sky is taunting us
Spreading its muddy fleece
Smothering the shoots and spurs
That call to sun.
One minute overjoyed
In the glow of spring
But then, snatched -
Like a mistaken banquet guest.
Why, oh why
this grinding pause?
This reckoning of season sums
Beyond patient warm and blue
Greying the clarity of hue -
Our cravings for rebirthed sun
Like cries from fallen souls
With weathered flags and so much need.
So much wanting, so much desire.
All, waiting to start again.


December 18, 2004 - A poem about Nature


We listen
The trees urge us to
For noise in the noise
For voices crying out
And solitary melodies
Resting on their hanging limbs
Resting in their bellied boughs
Resting at the roots of the hill.
Sounds of tumbling leaves
On temple stone and sandcastles
And avatars and StumbleBlogs
Changing the space around us
All for contentment’s sake.
The only thing time gives;
To build, to create, to generate -
The singers not the song
Bringing hope when we listen
In this flooded wood.


November 16, 2004 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature

Weird Times.

I am seeing less,
but more than Summer’s tired flare
On litmus sky above tapered mound
and rough-torn tissue paper hill.
I fall below the errant wind,
under etched-mist tears big as Oaks
that sense call rippled nature’s bell
and threaded cloud in wonder’s curl.
I feel something growing in this land
See it glow with change and knowing -
It is a time of flow and rise.
These sudden sparks of joy
are freaking me.


October 31, 2004 - A poem about Nature


With kindly arms, layered in cold
a child scatters bread across water folds.
His arch of energy watched skirmishly
through broken reed-bed end of summer’s hold.
He knows; here they lie, the open-mouthed
battle weary hopes that ache for different tales,
meniscus stirred by ripples in the distant manifold.

To be the first to gather from happenstance
to forget the dragging ballast of concern,
to be ahead in the race to grow untethered.
This is what is craved a thousandfold.

From a distance, the amused child looks on
enjoying the animated turbulence,
thrilled with these ripples of influence.
Watching, wanting, willing -
inquisitive in his scatter.
He urges on this swim of souls
and sees the weakest being bold.


October 10, 2004 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature

Why Write About The Sky?

All know
blue ivory cover,
and veined ghosts
of storm and rain.
And blood rush wind
conducting orchestras
of leaves, like thread
from endless tapestry.
All towards the slow pulse
glow of every turning moon -
the very things we see
and share.


September 27, 2004 - A poem about Nature


Born under greendown farmer’s scar,
but now amongst the pinched ones -
a child of earth to man-made stone
is walking through the grey.

In cities armour, there we are
pedestrian stiff-coat bones.
Sometimes, no mirth
for what we have become,
or knowledge dare not known,
the emptiness we help to hone.

O’ child of grass-seed skies
when will you help us seek,
to gaze renewed - in curiousity,
in splendour of wonder’s
perfect way?


September 19, 2004 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Kiss and Tell

It is nearly time
for green to graphite grey,
from summer’s baton pass
to wet edged days and shadow snatch.
The last gasp vivid glow,
a final flare from nature’s lamps -
the scurry from the light of day,
to autumn’s tired call.

Gone now strokes of sun,
and arms of hope upon our backs -
warming the glue of us.
Steel clouds are on their way,
dulling stars and scent of meadow
in midnight now we dread,
smudging slush of rain soaked sky.

Smell the damp mortar return,
feel your very fibres change,
fear the crisp night wind
sucking though the frame,
and know - this is the first kiss
and tell of winter’s wail.


September 9, 2004 - A poem about Nature


Near one foot on Wiseman’s Bridge
the bosky dance of trees to teal sea.
shot-slewed on the grey incline
down toward the quartzite bed.
Joyful, feeling the soft tongued
ardent lick of bridled sun,
running down the scallop edge
of the valley, but still seeing -
all through crossthread eye.


September 5, 2004 - A poem about Nature


I urge you, heed the pull of tide!
Surrender to the progenies of her push and pull
across clenched toes and red arched backs -
brushing us like fleets of soft milk necklaces.
Contemplate the glassy shivers she brings
the backward gasp of her shuddered roll,
rippling through the very bones of you.
Wonderful are her splinter-glinted shoals,
the diving loop of current’s teeth and wave,
moving bed and pushing sandbank mound.
Over and over she invites our stay -
let us be joyous in the swim.


August 16, 2004 - A poem about Nature

The First Raindrop

Before sleep,
I heard the tinkering of rain
and it made me wonder.

Where did the first raindrop fall?

On garden, chalk or tarmac path?
In quiet kinship with the ocean?
Bouncing off the shoes of drunken love?
Ahead the fray of cloudburst,
succumbed in gravity of night?

Before, somewhere.

You MUST have felt, or seen, or heard.
The velocity of a solitary liquid crown,
shattering diamond-like in impact tears.
The lead in winter’s swarm.


July 29, 2004 - A poem about Nature

On Salted Wind.

What in Heaven is nature doing now?
Her summer leaves are turning autumn brown
Some say it must be salted wind that blows
Such clement air for Aphid’s frothy crown.
But cause for rusted windburn on the green
Prefers the pause and muse of pagan wells
For grey futures not yet known or seen
Are heard like peeled notes from fractured bells.
She knows the leavened denature of ways
That bond the who we are - to how we’ve been
Staring oil blunted in stunted gaze
At slow decay of wonder’s stay unseen.
And so we blank the signals that she sends.
Complacency, denies our season’s end.


July 24, 2004 - A poem about Nature


A fishball is
rotating round
the scrapes of
my luncheon
but only one
winner is in the

His shoalsnap
on the turn
of hunger’s tide
jumps at the sun
through surface

I think of us
with all the
to and fro
of being, and
our own chase
for instinct’s

But for now
it is time to go -
the wasps are


July 21, 2004 - A poem about Nature


Before sky and below sea
a sharded tower - echo stilled
frozen clouds blown by cold
distilled whispers of season’s change.

Meltwater from this calm innocent
with no intent to deceive beyond
the quiet halo of noble modesty
and the glacial calves of beginning.

Growling like a lost white giant caught
in agitated seltzer of watered blue
an ice-eyed pinnacle scours flow
and grinds the floor of the world.

She craves the body of the whole.


July 15, 2004 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature


There is a spike of light within the shoal
Kaleidoscope corralled by ocean haul
Left flighted in the right hand swarm
Through co-ordinates unparalleled.
There is genius gold in the gravel bed
Silk patched to old corduroy of earth
Glow worm lit on abandoned track
Mesmerising strayed souls.
Darling voiced amongst the Starlings
You are the earliest, sweetest kiss
Of rain and storm to fall upon
the borders of this flock.

You shine where we are dulled.


June 22, 2004 - A poem about Nature

Garden’s Call.

Now you’ve planted flowers
you’ll have to watch them grow.
Earthbound spirits in the border
of patient ground, sown in craving
sun with gentle rain to nurture.

Nature’s growing pains find solace
in your care of wonder’s veins
and shoots of tenacious youth,
audacious too, find climb to bloom
through cold wax clay.

So tend loam and budding spears
pierce winter’s call to arms of time.
Watch over the flowers that you grow,
energised by noble reaching limbs
together - in beauty’s rise.

Ah, what fascination!


June 10, 2004 - A poem about Love, Nature

The Process

It grows stronger.
Purified, closer to the source.
No sediment, just clarity.
Every turn of the sun,
adding puposeful gravity,
to its calibrated flow.
Gently guided, filtering slow.
Watchful of energy refined,
like a wild forest stream,
cutting through mountains.
Our love distilled.


June 7, 2004 - A poem about Nature

Wiseness of the Green

O glory!
Says the sky.
As it reaches to circle,
luminous arms around
green frond down and
poplar spire.
A parliament of trees
awaits its governence -
nature’s capilliaries
aligned to embrace
the touch of origin.
Chorus lungs of oak
or elm, of hedgerow roots
in readiness to sing -
to praise with ardour free,
joyful verdancy.
The rape and corn of man
hear not these
ancient melodies.
and of grey grip clans,
of bread and oil and
of landscape chalkhill scarred,
the sky says