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July 17, 2017 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature, Lyrics

Our Forefathers Told

Sleeping in barrows
Where fields lie fallow
In tracks we now follow
What Forefathers told.
Of keeping these stories
In buried history
Where Earth was the glory
Our Fathers foretold.
From Downland to Midnight
From Noonbright to candlelight
To gratitude of foresight
The Forefathers told.
Of listening to land
Where all used to stand
And nature commands
We’ll hear what they told.
Of praise and lost hallow
Where boys search for arrows
And men mark the shallows.
Watching seasons take hold
Letting histories unfold
As ever, as before,
This is as foretold.


July 5, 2017 - A poem about Cosmicity, Age, Lyrics

This Clock Is Never Wrong

Don’t want to know if I’m falling apart
Closer to the end than I was at the start
Busy chasing fractions in the halves
Silver embers dulled inside my heart.
As if hands of mine hold all I’ve learned
Despite the many stones unturned
Tempting me to walk, between and over paths
Make memories, not photographs.
And if I deny the arms and hold of time
This metronome that once was mine
Sending pulses to some different drums,
Awaiting beats as yet to come.
As thoughts race on to ticker tape
Passing plans that lose their shape
Telling me I’m shooting arrows at the fog
Snatching diamonds from the bog.
And you can’t pick days from seasons
Expecting them to offer reasons
Remind me the turn of ways and means -
All just fades between the scenes.
When I’m chasing halves of fractions
As embers cool from their inaction.
So don’t tell me if I’m falling apart -
If I’m close to the end, I’ll just go.
Back to the start.


January 5, 2017 - A poem about Words, Lyrics

Hammer in the Blood

It’s in our blood
This brotherhood
This pulse and bang
Of Hammerman.
It’s in the floods
Where once he stood
On riverbank -
The Hammerman.
And since he could
The more we should
Seek fate to thank
Oh Hammerman.
As words now mud
Stay in the blood
We’ll drink to floods
To brotherhood
Do all we can,
For pulse and bang
As we salute ,
Our Hammerman.


April 23, 2015 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics


What lies beneath the river sway
As my line flies and weaves its way
A Trout or two maybe, I’d say
But they can wait another day.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it takes and I am hooked.

As ripples curl the leaves unfurl
And sunlight falls like spilling pearls
Gatherin’ there the waters swirl
All is fine in this small world.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it took and I was hooked.

As Bulrush on the rivers bend
Chatter to the gentle wind
Secrets for elusive friends
Whispers to these hours I spend.

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it needs and I am hooked.

Should I wander on and try the weir?
Or maybe I might stay right here
Stay, and grab a keep-net beer
Watching dusk as waters clear

It’s me who’s hooked, you see. It’s me.
One cast is all it takes and I am hooked.

Yes. Stay here near the riverbank
Wonderin’ who it is to thank
Nothing chasing bait I sank
Yet I remain, a hopeful man.

I am hooked, you see. Hooked.
One cast, is all it took,
And I, was hooked.


December 22, 2014 - A poem about Lyrics

Reap What You Sow

It doesn’t matter who you are
Or what you feel tonight
It doesn’t matter what you do
If you try to make things right
Such a long way to where you’ve been
Though very close to never done
Time stretched out like old kite string
And there is something you should know
It doesn’t matter what you say
When memories rush to show
It doesn’t matter you don’t care
To fight against the flow
It’s wrong to see just what you’ve seen
To rest your eyes but not to dream
And the consequence is painted bright
When there is something you should know
It doesn’t matter how you try
And all the ways you wonder why
It doesn’t matter what you do now
There is one thing you should know -
You will reap, reap what you sow.


August 7, 2014 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Wake Me When I Get There.

It’s been
since I slept
on a train
closing my eyes
dreaming again
the miles
from the rain
the whys
the from
to & when
my life
with little
to gain
the prize
yet never
the twain
it’s been
I slept
the strain
to be wise
running from
the pain
and every now
& then
I must undo
my brain
to remember
how nice
it is
to dream,
to drift,
to disappear
and it’s
I slept,
on a


April 22, 2014 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Chasing the Moon

I was chasing the Moon
On a road to somewhere new
Or was it chasing me?

Lost like a balloon
With the string cut and gone
Lost unto the breeze.

The road was a stream
As it flowed and carried on
To worried mystery.

Was I rushing too soon?
From the heart of who I am
Rushing to agree.

And I wailed like a loon
On a road to somewhere new
Wondering where I should be.

Singing lonesome tunes
Boys - I didn’t give a damn
‘Cause no-one sang with me.

And as the wheels span
I stuck to the plan -
A new start if I can.

Maybe I cursed fortune
On the way from where I’d been
Or maybe it cursed me

But I chased the Moon that night
As I journeyed to the end,
On a road to somewhere new.


February 19, 2014 - A poem about Lyrics

Teach Me How to Dance (Northern Soul Lyric)

This driving beat
Like a fire in me
In the midnight heat
Oh set me free

In my heart
and in my feet
Oh hear these pleas
Oh keep me sweet
Teach me how to dance
Teach me how to dance

This soulful groove
Running like a train
Makes me wanna move
Oh free these chains

In my heart
and in my feet
Oh hear these pleas
Oh keep me sweet
Teach me how to dance
Teach me how to dance

Stir my heart
and then repeat
There’s no retreat
From what’s in me
And when we meet
I’ll be complete
Yeah when you teach
I will be free

Please spin my heels
On a sliding floor
Move the wheels of me
As my soul soars

In my heart
and in my feet
Oh hear these pleas
Oh keep me sweet
Teach me how to dance
Teach me how to dance

In the midnight heat
Like a fire in me
Oh set me free
Oh teach me please

Teach me how to dance
Teach me how to dance


January 16, 2014 - A poem about Family, Lyrics

A Father Is A Feeling

It doesn’t matter who you are,
This way you feel is never gone
It doesn’t matter what you do
Though sometimes wishing more.

It’s a long way to where you’ve been
So very close, but never done
Time stretched like old kite string
And the flight has just begun.

It doesn’t matter what you know
When memories rush in to slow
It doesn’t matter you don’t feel bold
and sometimes wishing more.

It’s wrong to see just what you’ve seen
To rest your eyes but not to dream
This shall be painted bright for all
As living lives begin.

So it doesn’t matter how you try,
The ways you wonder why
It really doesn’t matter what you do
Just keep on wishing, more.


June 26, 2013 - A poem about Love, Lyrics

Glinting Youth

We saw the moon on the river
Stealing light down to the sand
The evening was a sliver
Of the things we understand.
We ran down to the riverside
As the dusky skies we thanked
We were young & open eyed
When the water glowed that night
Under stars like satellites
With hearts in orbit too
Raking moon as beacon bright
We said; let’s stay this way,
Leave the foolish to their fate tonight
Let’s move in swoon and shiver
Let’s look towards the river
Feel the water lap our heels
Stay in love with love, forever
Ankle deep but ocean wide,
Paddling in the eventide.
So many things to try.
So many ways,
we might.


March 16, 2013 - A poem about  Situations, Lyrics

Saturday Least

Stapling kittens to a frock
when I should be out to rock,
and all the time I watch the clock
listening out for front door knock -
I think these things in case you mock
now I’m separated from the flock
and mostly, ready for the shock
of knowing it was me that turned,
it was me that closed the locks.


February 2, 2013 - A poem about Words, Lyrics

Inhale Away.

She breathes in books like dirt
disturbed by search for hidden things
within she greaves her hurt
as pages turn like paper wings
she chases thieves of memories
perturbed by her strange yearnings
for smell of earth to yell of birth
to call of death and all this brings -
’tis more than buried things
she seeks beneath
the dust.


October 1, 2012 - A poem about Lyrics

The Blacksmith Leaving Imber

The day the ministry closed the town
The Blacksmith laid his hammer down
And on his anvil tears spilled
As all the people gathered round
And when the Elders told the news
The world’s war was their excuse
Here was to be where soldiers drilled.

They’re never coming home.

They gave them twoscore seven days
To harvest memories and hay
To load it all on Bedford vans
On wagons and the local dray
Their lives worth more than what they weighed
As bobbies paced the street and waved
As men in suits kept things to plan

They’re never coming home.

One hundred and some fifty five
They said goodbye at the Church of Giles
Scatt’ring cross the Salisbury Plain
A peal of bells that bade farewell
And only then they really knew
This day they could not choose
It’s lives to leave or leaving pain

They’re never coming home

As the Blacksmith left in Forty-three
he turned to face his memories
He touched his heart with iron-stained hand
And bellowed at the military!
“I beat my chest and forge these tears
I look around and thank the years
I must now go to other lands -

I’m never coming home”

As years shall turn to winter days
And wiry bracken fades
And tumbled stones yield mystery
As ghosts emerge and play
The past it seems it never goes -
The first to leave the last to know,
Just thoughts of what shall always be

For this was always home.


March 29, 2012 - A poem about Words, Lyrics

Lessons of the Slam

From the page to the mouth
to the rages of youth
to the range going south
and the train to the town
with the rain coming down
from the grains of a noun
to the catching of stars
to the hatching of fears
and the ashes of years
with the wind speaking strong
from the friends that I long
to the short from the long
to the end of this song
to the finish from the start
with a flourish to the heart
from the pretences of art
to the present, where I am
from the slaughter to the lamb
with these lessons
of the Slam.


January 20, 2012 - A poem about  Situations, Lyrics


May your roads
run straight
& your wheels
stay true.

May you never
run late
with too much
to do.

May you step up
to the plate
from the back of the

May you shoulder
all the weight
that is bothering

You are closer
than you know
to the fate
you always


February 15, 2011 - A poem about Age, Lyrics

Three Patterns of You

Remember when you took delight
in everything you ever did
the slightest thought a dream,
like pebbles splashing
in the stream.

Remember when you loved the night,
and music reached to where you hid,
standing out but in the team -
each day another

Remember then, now years take flight
from dragons and the tasks they bid,
with pull of age’s scheme
come slowing ways,
it seems.


February 11, 2011 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Alchemy of Leaves.

Season long,
from shoots to shouts
to last parade then cut of spade
all mark season’s trade.
As light misleads, oh how I see
- means more to me than just
a change in nature’s song
these leaves - leave nothing gone,
sailing though their colours fade
hailing crowds with all they had or made
they urge me now to keep my trust,
when nothing’s right, and nothing’s wrong
when circles never double,
and where spirits turn to dust,
this alchemy of leaves it calls
and in my heart
it stays.


July 5, 2010 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Too Good to Burn

Below the moon at Uffington
between the folds of chalkhill gown,
we sit beneath the White Horse stars,
see flames and sing this song.

O’ Stars and embers dance your crown
as woodsmoke turns the hour’s dust,
and as we do these things we must,
this night it shall be ours

Above, see nervous lanterns rise
like strange birds from another time,
we wait below this all tonight,
and contemplate the flow.

Stars and embers dance your crown
as woodsmoke turns the hour’s dust,
and as we do these things we must,
we know, this night is ours.

Below the moon at Uffington
we sing beneath your ancient night
we contemplate the eventide
and tell of White Horse downs.

So stars and embers raise your crown,
as woodsmoke turns, the hours must -
we hold one simple truth to trust,
this night is ours to own.

Now sit, and sing with us.

Listen to Tim Graham’s beautiful interpretation of this poem >>>


February 27, 2010 - A poem about Cosmicity, Lyrics


Surely you know
you can’t talk
to a stone
unless of course
you are the wind
then nothing changes
unless you ask it to
confess its cause,
connect itself
to all you seek
so near the end
where whispers blow
upon the source
of contours slow
and what it is
you’re looking for.
Surely you know
you can’t talk
to a stone,
unless of course,
you are the wind,
then on you’ll wend
like hushes flown
like spirits thrown
like feelings shown
now on you go,
my friend.


July 3, 2009 - A poem about Humanity, Lyrics

Left for Dread

Stabbed in the head and left for dead
the local paper said - that’s what I read.
A man with no bed, on and on he bled
and I am led to fear the roads I tread.

Kicked in the gut and punch-drunk cut
no reason but - just lowlife in a rut,
unkind neighbours, doors tight shut
all forgetting brutish strut.

Carved in the street and left for meat,
Where cold rats meet with no retreat.
Now just stains on cold concrete,
where fear remains, beneath my feet.

He, was sliced through his head,
cleft and torn like newsprint fled.
DID YOU HEAR what I just said?
This man without a bed, on and on, he bled.

And I am left to dread
these roads we tread.


December 3, 2008 - A poem about  Situations, Lyrics

Bad Moon Day

Heads up
it’s a bad moon day
I woke up late
teeth like slate
must be all
the stress I ate
I need to choose
another fate
the bell was wrong
the clock was wrung
to zombie state
my crawling heart
and every beat
a guess
too late
and now I want
another gate,
heads up
six-thirty’s eight
but truths won’t wait
I must now join
their course debate -
head’s up,
I overslept,
I’m late,
and it’s
a bad moon


July 18, 2008 - A poem about Humanity, Lyrics

The King of Compromise

You snuck
water into wine
yet I tasted finest
merlot lipstain red
sipped like wasted Sundays
spent in bed diluted thoughts
all with never minds
and mixed-up oughts
gone to hazy what the hells
drinking in the lazy things you said
I agree,
you took
the treble from the chimes
made us waste the wise
words and songs unsung
tuned down to lose the race
with touches plumed
from fluted noughts
old nature lost to dust
and yes it’s wrong to stifle bells
and hearing this your wragged scrape
I watched
you charm
the sleepers into life
unchaste and then declined
red dresses unto nervous creed
unzipped with patient haste
with sneaky lightning down
from blurring sky
teasing ground and then
For calm of dread
and dread of more than lies
for arms that lead me now
thus leading me to finalise
I must conclude, you are the King
of compromise.


March 28, 2008 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

The Wind Again.

They wondered what the wind was for
scattering kernels on dark floors
raising arms as fronds in breeze
calling troops to last frost seeds
rising now above their needs
and yes, they wondered
had they sinned before?
Shattered deeds, and maybe less
but surely more than click of knees
cornered bent for scattered creed
locked and chasing seasons tease
and here now, hearing wind
feeling whispering, teasing,


March 14, 2008 - A poem about Lyrics

The Hardest Skill (lyric)

Life is just exhausting but we must live it still
Looking for redemption and a heart shaped pill
Battered like a butterfly jumping window sills
Life is just exhausting but we live it still.

Like cracks in walls we never quite can fill
And dread and dragging fear of hills
There’s a husk that won’t break open in the mill
Like cracks in walls we’ve built but never fill.

We’re told the choice is ours to make, we have free will
They say, there could be diamonds in the swill
and maybe we can indeed defeat our ills
the choice is ours apparently, we have free will.

Sometimes feelings are the hardest skill
Like hesitating rain before a suffocating chill
Like dark birds rolling in a wheel above a kill
Some feelings are the hardest skill.

Life is just exhausting and yes, we live it still
Like cracking walls we build but never quite fulfil
The choice is never made, despite free will
And feelings stay the hardest skill.l.


February 12, 2008 - A poem about Senses, Lyrics

The Voice

I’m the voice
and not the song
I am the voice
now listen on
I’m the choice
and not the wrong
don’t you linger
like a tantrum son
I’m the voice
and not the song
I call you
with mantra gong
I’m the wind
that batters on
no crown of singers
ambling gone
I’m the voice
and not the song
so now rejoice
I have this voice
and I am


February 1, 2008 - A poem about Age, Lyrics


I looked
to the funeral trees
for they felt dead like me
naked in the winter breeze
I turned
to the funeral trees
though they seemed black to see
wretched lost and born of thieves
I walked
to touch the funeral trees
as they stood in sombre creed
with a bond to spite the freeze
I fell to lay
with the funeral trees
and I watched them change
and I saw them grow
then soon I slept -
for gentle were
their pleas.
I dreamed
this song of funeral trees;
and time is now,
to unfurl


November 8, 2007 - A poem about Cosmicity, Lyrics

Mystic Shift.

And down came rusty stars
raising arms for all to shine
and low we dressed our frownfolk scars
chasing psalms and twisting twine (again)
with dreams but not quite ours
we carry ladders into night
pine the scent of cosmic wine
and then, we smoothly rise
like ancient sparks
like hilltop fire
and now, like cinder’s climb
inclined from pine to sky
we fly above
this awkward,


October 16, 2007 - A poem about Age, Lyrics

Where he goes.

A man
needs a shed
takes the clutter
from his head
lays it down
on musty beds
tight against the edge
stained but only
partial red
a man
needs a shed
it takes away
his heart of lead
a place to dwell until
the world is pure
and nearly
with creosote
and sodden pine
with scattered pins
on earthy weathered twine
all friends within
a secret place
to mine the mind
a space where men
have always fled
and every man
a shed.


September 25, 2007 - A poem about Lust, Lyrics

You are all, and you is one.

Take me up and take me down
hold me still, spin me round
stretch me wide and fold me flat
roll me thin then mould me fat.

Lean me over, fly me high
make me laugh and make me cry
join the circuits, switch me on
you are all, and you is one.

Tell the tale then sing the song
push the bell, then drag along
make me crazy, make me sane
shake me lazy, wake me lain.

I am cleave and you are blade
I am just one in your parade
raise me higher than a stone
hold me tighter than the sun.

You are all, and you is one.


September 19, 2007 - A poem about Age, Lyrics


And the cells
in my eyes
are twitching
like flies
and the wells that
now rise
sink constructed
and the yells,
thin like ice
and the wails
and the lies
are you feeling like I?
can you bother
to try?
the cells
in your eyes
are twitching,
like flies.


August 18, 2007 - A poem about Friendship, Technology, Lyrics


Just one
more friend
and I am done
and I’ll have more
than you
a compound me
just recently
and heard to say
how good it is
to have such friends
and I’ll be done
and I’ll have more
and I’ll thank all.
Just one more friend,
and they’ll be done -
just like
the other


July 23, 2007 - A poem about  Situations, Lyrics

We need a list.

All these
things to do
these things to count
these things to throw away
to say, to shout, to laugh,
to argue all about.
Can’t we just write
these dumb things down?
All these breaths
we’re letting out
without regard for things
we need to do.
Let’s stop this
in its tracks
stop this waste
of time that lacks
the moments
sparing dullness
all these worries
all these sighs
we should just agree -
write this stuff down
park these tired things
but keep them safe.
We need
a list.


June 22, 2007 - A poem about Lyrics

In the key of Blue

This one’s in the key of blue.
Fellas, are you with me too?
These words are going out for you
and this one’s in the key of blue

No long-necked bottles left to stand
no diamonds resting in the sand
know me, no you - you’ll understand
I’ve got the mic and a kick-ass band.

And this one’s in the key of blue.
The other keys? I know too few
and this is for the moody crew
that’s why it’s in the key of blue.

No happy end to what I’ve planned
no smiling fools at my command
just me and threads in which to stand
and mic in hand and kick-ass band.

So this one’s in the key of blue
yeah this one’s in the key of blue
these words are going out for you
hear me wailing, lonesome, true.


April 10, 2007 - A poem about Words, Lyrics

The drumming.

This is where the rhythm is
this soft pushed bounce before the strokes
this snapping beat and accent too
inviting ghosts of crack and groove
and low my vantage swoops to dash.

This is air this rhythm fizz
this friction heat this hot-coal stoke
this movement out and pocket in
enticing hosts with smack and move
and slow my heated pulse is hatched.

This is prayer strong this rhythm is
this once hushed ounce now pounded smoke
this balanced rush to fevered few respect now due
these beats compounding rough with smooth
and now, a vintage Zildjian splash.


March 12, 2007 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics


Go where white horses lay
on green blanket down
hear young men tell tales
of old Marlborough town.

Run where country girls stay
we’re resting our heels
near riverbank’s bend
with spin in our reels.

Skip past bulrush and sway
where hill winds come
alive to our ways
in fields we roam,

And all, towards our home.


January 8, 2007 - A poem about Cosmicity, Nature, Lyrics

You and I are rain

need rain
like you and I
disolving soil and
seeping down to earth
once and through again
we go like icey broth
when winter chimes
in want of some reprise
we wake, and nourish all
feel each kernel, every husk
writhe and double
push the clay and loam
grasp the psalm of storms
and later, balm of stars
at dusk.
We are rain soaked
you and I
and into the footings we fall
ringing the brittle song
that calms and tells of time
renewed, like seeds
and rain
like you,
and I.


October 17, 2005 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Those Who Wait .

Stilled am I in lull of night
No ocean’s move save salted spite
And where go I in loose-rigged winds?
No bounding heave, no push and cleave,
No rising line or white-mane minds.
All quietened like the muted damned,
Horizon-fixed with tar glued stares
Through eyes that blaspheme stars,
And with curses for a speechless sea
And the stolen shore yet far way.
I lie silent, waiting and becalmed.
Just these thoughts for company.
Oh take me home to those,
that wait for me.


September 5, 2005 - A poem about Cosmicity, Lyrics


One day the world will stop
But you shall leap the circle’s stall
Though still, the glassy pebbles fly
And angry boulders run down hills
Onto shoulders push against the pull
With wavering urge of spinning tops
And spiralling seeds in final fall
Like Catherine Wheels that call.
And when rounding winds desire
They’ll cease their turn within
For such is fate that never tires.
One day the world will stop
But you, will carry on.


July 19, 2005 - A poem about Love, Friendship, Lyrics

For Two.

This one’s for the two of you
as you rise like stars above,
like prayered hands that clasp
the twin souled magnet night.

This one’s for the two of you,
in kissing wind and shared air,
like gulping silver fish that rush
to capture all, to be the ones.

This one’s for the two of you
who think these thoughts you share
and gaze in pools of eyes and soul,
so fall in love (again) with wonder found.


July 18, 2005 - A poem about Age, Lyrics

How Will You Know?

When all your words are voiced outloud,
And every leaf is sketched and proud,
With every nod amongst the crowd
As shuffled air inside a cloud.

When you count totals of the days,
And mark the notches in your ways,
With charted limits to your gaze
As mitred pace in things you say.

When all goes back into the box,
And wheels spin hard against the blocks,
With silence before aftershock,
As melting ice amongst the rocks.

How will you know?


June 6, 2005 - A poem about Love, Lust, Lyrics


She smiled, like a cello on its side,
and I bowed my finger cross the wires.
A nervous student, without notes,
without manuscript or lines -
I felt brutish and naive.
But then she sighed,
and all symphonies


May 29, 2005 - A poem about Cosmicity, Lyrics


Every tear that ever fell,
Every night of ocean’s swell,
Every scent and every smell,
Every year drawn from the well.
Every sunset says farewell,
Every molecule and cell,
Every stone that must rebel,
Every memory on which we dwell.
Every peel of nature’s bells,
Every movement in the fontanelle,
And everything here I now foretell -
All, but whispers in the yell.


April 4, 2005 - A poem about Friendship, Lyrics

Dancing Without Alcohol

Remember abandoned days and midnight wheels
turned on endless paths of spin and move,
in ecstasy of spiraled youth
with feet that dared to leap above.
As hearts refused to stop and look
when souls explored without rebuff
where now your patterned heels crack
and age it comes to claim the slack.
To all of you, who dare not dance
but nonetheless remember well -
Such barefoot nights, such tales told -
The dancefloor’s in your soul.


March 30, 2005 - A poem about Love, Lyrics

Blue Horses.

He sends her blue horses
On the reins of a smile
His love for her riding
On the backs of the miles
He sends her blue horses
They run from heart to soul
Across the great divide
Branding union of whole
Where stallions race
To sacred lover’s place
And heartbeats rise in mist
And horizon kisses sky.
He sends her blue horses -
But only she knows why.


March 18, 2005 - A poem about Love, Family, Lyrics

I Can’t .

I can’t
decide if you are mine
or happenstance that falls
like bonfired leaves
on unsuspecting
souls like me.
I can’t
This grand design,
this torch you hold
that shines and warms
my heart, like …
wintered fairground rides
in turning sun, awake
and overjoyed
to be alive.
I can’t
ignore your
beacon reach
that tugs my soul -
swaying colour greyed,
from numb of age
to weight of days.
I can’t
exist without
the growth and flow
of you, of all you are,
and may become.
I simply can’t
deny this love I feel.
I can’t, I can’t,
I can’t.


January 15, 2005 - A poem about Humanity, Lyrics


This one’s for the quiet ones,
The ones who sit and wait -
The people watching at the back
Depended on to take the slack.
This one’s for the mild souls,
The some who stir no waves -
To those preferring calm
To seas that fool the brave.
To reticent hearts like yours
With softened beats - so prideful
In hushed and gentle ways,
This one’s for the quiet ones
And the treasure patience pays.


January 12, 2005 - A poem about Belief, Lyrics

Plastic Mantra.

Goddamn freaks!
What gives them the right
to be more enlightened than me?
I’ve paid my dues to humble servitude
and non-dyed collar platitudes.
Their cheesecloth talk and cosmic hop
is mere thrift sale Buddhist eclectic fop.
Arrrrrgh! Such positivism drives me crazy!
Through bleary nights and an empty glass
That’s where you’ll find the promised way
From bar-stool muse to sucker fool blues
In one queasy step - right foot tripping left
Through the urinated alley that is life.
It IS easy - just stumble over here,
and buy another beer.


December 12, 2004 - A poem about Love, Cosmicity, Lyrics


We are
velvet shadows
dusk plumed
tides of light
like star-torn
wandering chase
from wind sent
moonsong sighs,
sensing call
of crescent arms
through weave
of you and I.
like laughter -
young nightbirds
in veiled flight
like hopeful seeds
to the breeze.
Oh we are ghosts


December 1, 2004 - A poem about Memories, Lyrics

Sporting Chance.

All he wants is
a sporting chance
for him to do
the big boy dance
the slippery pass
from youth to man
the yards to catch
and moves to plan
all markers that
he needs to pass,
beyond his awkward
backfield glance.


November 29, 2004 - A poem about Fear, Lyrics

Only One.

I am pillow bound
to cradle hold
and rest my head
on crumbled ground.

I am willow sound
in river fold
and test my dread
of humble gold.

I am shallows found
in winter’s cold
bad times ahead -
a thousandfold.


October 18, 2004 - A poem about Friendship, Lyrics

Barcode Rocker.

There’s a rocker in the supermart
buying beans and budget ham.
Judging standard over premium,
counting measures, in the cans.
Cool dude, in the freezer row
basking in the frosted glow.
Checking chilled goods’ turn
of sell-by date - and bargains
in the dry ice snow.

He’s queuing with the rest of us,
no adulation in the aisles.
No signs up on the shopfloor plan,
No icons for his style.
Did you see him do the kitchen roll?
Know his genius at the salad bar?
Feel the presence of a superstar
choosing tuna over caviar?

Look, there he is -
waving coupons! Pinching pence,
from our ordinary circumstance.
And there! He signs an autograph,
smiling - grooving, riffing.
A Rockstar, in the checkout jam.


- A poem about Memories, Lyrics


there was a boy
with knotted hands,
unpicking twisted fishing line,
trying not to hear his father’s sigh.
hard for him to figure out
the patterns in the tangle,
in puzzle
he was a youth,
no longer on the bank,
sorting awkward circumstance
learning how to dance,
with stumbling feet against
self-conscious shift of age.
so tough, to choose a stance,
the right or left
of teenage
he became a man,
laid out blueprint plans,
tracing wires to broken lights,
fumblimg gasps before the night.
lumpen on the needlewire
with darkness rushing on,
dropping all in race to fix,
an urgent flame to
he is old.
balancing on memories,
pinching out the kinks
from thread of final days.
with heavy limbs to sort out pins,
unpicking matted ball of who is -
unraveling reasons why,
now, he understands
his father’s


October 4, 2004 - A poem about Love, Lust, Lyrics


I remember,
the Vetiver night -
all pillow scented
and star-fueled lust
of youth.

We, as lovers
sharing delighted air
deep, below
the honeyed ocean thrall
in flow and pull,
of sense’s haul.

Tuned high
like piccolo snares
in the grand pre-amble
of life - before
the musty quiet
theatre bow.

You and me,
velvet fleshed,
brushing the skin
of our very being
against the inner folds
of who we were, and are.


I looked into your eyes
and saw it all.


September 19, 2004 - A poem about Nature, Lyrics

Kiss and Tell

It is nearly time
for green to graphite grey,
from summer’s baton pass
to wet edged days and shadow snatch.
The last gasp vivid glow,
a final flare from nature’s lamps -
the scurry from the light of day,
to autumn’s tired call.

Gone now strokes of sun,
and arms of hope upon our backs -
warming the glue of us.
Steel clouds are on their way,
dulling stars and scent of meadow
in midnight now we dread,
smudging slush of rain soaked sky.

Smell the damp mortar return,
feel your very fibres change,
fear the crisp night wind
sucking though the frame,
and know - this is the first kiss
and tell of winter’s wail.


June 28, 2004 - A poem about Love, Age, Lyrics

Mocassin Fit.

Be by my side for season’s roll
along the years of timeworn hold -
handmade measure of my ways,
moth eared wise but sometimes frayed.

Threadbare in the scuff of life,
such comforts mold familiarity
the things that calm and settle me
over step of weathered days.

And strong stitched path across the years
has formed the jagged shape and fold
of how we travel journeys made.
Companions in the ride.

From footprints where I have been
through stumble here and now,
to stride of what I may become,
my feet are bare without you.


May 19, 2004 - A poem about Words, Lyrics

Broken Sonnet.

I am iambic jazz sax played
no hidden skill unsold
I wield a shining
word-axe blade
to cut my word tax paid.
The notes I play are multitude
performed with athlete’s guile
triplets wrote with attitude
all inches to my mile.
Yet still I need you to approve
this struggle with the word
and though you state my prowess proved
there remains a part of me unstirred.
I pine for you to play along
I think you know a better song.


May 11, 2004 - A poem about  Situations, Lyrics


(For Squirt, an old Trucker.)

Man! It’s a heavy load to haul,
that worry under tow,
with all your gearing slow,
you are speeding to crawl.

A challenge that you know,
is troublesome to call,
engine burred against a wall,
destination, zero.

You, who dare not stall,
now a motor without growl,
no traction sense below,
A lever without fall.

End this static highway show!
Seek clear directions all.
For now, take joy in measures small,
and tire stains on the road.


May 10, 2004 - A poem about Technology, Lyrics


It blinks, it waits - it taunts.
A box that must be filled.
White chalk bare on a hill of thought,
words waiting, to be milled.

It thinks, debates and then, it haunts.
An intersection for the skilled.
Against the clock, no shortcut taught,
no booklet for the build.

It links, it states - it always waits.
A battle for my will.
This puzzle for my mind unsought,
left open, never stilled.