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July 3, 2008 - A poem about Words, Lust

Let’s get Metaphysical

Quit the quiddities let’s just do it
we know what’s in our minds
circling like John Donne fleas
synchronous in hemal feed
midnight hands - whispers apart
like ticks and tocks but of stars
and between is sweet as breath
oh yes, we must breathe!
like never before, but again -
draw angels down from fables
quieten words and all they mean
read the libraries of our eyes instead
sighing like kittens woken too soon
listening to a pulsing moon.
Let’s do it, do it now
let’s get metaphysical.


October 3, 2007 - A poem about Lust, Technology, Journeys

Let me be your GPS

I know the way.
Every inch and mile
each turn and blur
each waypost sigh,
I know the way.
Yes, I do.
And I know you.
And we both know
it’s time to move.
Lay landscapes bare
unbutton roads -
each lane and every track
open to the journey
never coming back.
I know the way.
Turn left, turn right
straight over keeping on.
We’ll have miles
beneath our wheels,
like every breath
that ever was -
like every glancing move
like wilful lovers lost
but travelling on.
I know the way
I really do -
don’t stop, don’t stop
until I say.



September 25, 2007 - A poem about Lust, Lyrics

You are all, and you is one.

Take me up and take me down
hold me still, spin me round
stretch me wide and fold me flat
roll me thin then mould me fat.

Lean me over, fly me high
make me laugh and make me cry
join the circuits, switch me on
you are all, and you is one.

Tell the tale then sing the song
push the bell, then drag along
make me crazy, make me sane
shake me lazy, wake me lain.

I am cleave and you are blade
I am just one in your parade
raise me higher than a stone
hold me tighter than the sun.

You are all, and you is one.


January 12, 2007 - A poem about Lust

May I borrow this?

I’m mistaken
but I imagine kisses
like butterfly punches
and temples shaped
for alter songs.
This sigh you offer -
discreet and glancing.
A shape you’ve burned,
an arc to be admired.
Maybe, just maybe
I am the one
who does not


August 18, 2005 - A poem about Lust


Let’s get drunk
and **** like monkeys!
Let’s roll around awhile
and wail like midnight dogs
intoxicated by our own smell.
Let’s be the untied beasts
of strange instinct within -
boundless and carnal,
without culture or regard
for nothing less than our release.
And after, we can lie together
and sniggle like embarrassed mice,
laughing at how very silly
all the other animals
have been.


June 6, 2005 - A poem about Love, Lust, Lyrics


She smiled, like a cello on its side,
and I bowed my finger cross the wires.
A nervous student, without notes,
without manuscript or lines -
I felt brutish and naive.
But then she sighed,
and all symphonies


May 29, 2005 - A poem about Lust, Humanity

Sell By Date.

Between the coffee and the chocolate
that’s where we will be -
checking out, before the check-out,
eyeing basket tell-tailed groceries.
Our non touch dance without romance,
and furtive glance of no demand.
A flirtation, so subtly voiced
between the heaving aisles.


April 26, 2005 - A poem about Lust



cast me

on the sea of you

like an ocean flower

lapping in the throw of tide

oh how you make me crave

the dive and clasp of pearls

the shifting sands below

from which I might rise

to driftwood breeze

and clips of wave

on sunset skin

triumphant in

the undertow

of you.


throw me

onto ebb and flow

immersed in mysteries

that you alone can show

oh let me sail on motion rolls

mark your seabound tack

on charts of journeys made -

of flowers lost then found

but never coming back

oh lift me, away…

drag me into you

then onto wonders

that only now

I dare to



March 14, 2005 - A poem about Lust

Joy of Socks.

They, were so happy
layed out on my bed.
Toe to toe, and length
to length. Ribbed ones
pleased, to be with
partners, previously
lost to wash of fate.
Rejoiced in commune
of conditioned skin,
embracing friends and
kin. Now untangled from
the sorry state that they
were in. I watched couples
sort themselves - into
groupings, and those that
shouted, got down with
those, that didn’t care.
Fingering threads, like a
passion blinded creature
fumbling and pawing his
way, I watched this orgy
of togetherness and am
hereby ashamed to say -
that I, joined in.


January 10, 2005 - A poem about Words, Lust


Just a quickie,
nothing meaningful.
Us, mutually together
for a moment or two.
Just you and I, sharing
the company of words,
but craving more than
a one line stand.


December 13, 2004 - A poem about Lust, Technology


I’m your hot-fix #1
Moving round the world
From point to point
And peer to peer
From here to there
Through protocols
Of packet ping
And patch plug-ins
From screen to screen
And transfering
Extensions to our
progress tracking
Completion pending.
Just don’t stop!
Click me again!
Oh click me good.


October 4, 2004 - A poem about Love, Lust, Lyrics


I remember,
the Vetiver night -
all pillow scented
and star-fueled lust
of youth.

We, as lovers
sharing delighted air
deep, below
the honeyed ocean thrall
in flow and pull,
of sense’s haul.

Tuned high
like piccolo snares
in the grand pre-amble
of life - before
the musty quiet
theatre bow.

You and me,
velvet fleshed,
brushing the skin
of our very being
against the inner folds
of who we were, and are.


I looked into your eyes
and saw it all.


August 11, 2004 - A poem about Lust

Consume Immediately

O’ when will you devour me?
Turning me endlessly over the flames -
searing my tender heart like a cheap cut
on a queasy rack; hoping to be adored cuisine,
but ending up as drunken, mangled dogleg fat.
The heat and dry baste of you overpowers me,
spoils the subtle taste and sweetened juice of who I am.
The recipe, it clearly states: I need softening.
With marinade and seasoning - patiently prepared,
long before iron grill or flash pan griddled char.
And then, and only then with licking flames of care
will you slowly warm the tender flesh of me.


July 11, 2004 - A poem about Lust

Textual Intercourse

I’d love a strong-boned girl made from Reubens stock
Shouldering the boulders and moving the rock of me
I’d follow her love unfurled and the satin cloak of she
Dusky in the blanket musk through the gates of night.
She wouldn’t need to twist and I wouldn’t need to shout
Quietly potent in the scented motion of who we are
We’d be smouldering beholders in wonder of electricity
Together in the push and pull of what we’re all about.


July 1, 2004 - A poem about Lust, Flesh & Bone

My King Undressed

He rises firm necked with the sun, calling servants from the day
Dawnbreak’s cry for fervent palm and guile of masculinity
He stands aloud before begins the stir, to service of his ways
Putting all my civil qualms aside from warm vicinity
All men know this potent balm and call - this will that
cannot be ignored. For these are the orders of this king
crowned in ascent, and I must bow to his fertility.


June 28, 2004 - A poem about Love, Lust


It’s open,
come straight in.
I’m behind the threshold,
waiting for you to fall upon
the fate of who we should be.
Bring nothing but yourself
and I will gaze in sublime hold
of white light beauty and
the ocean of your eyes.
There is only one flame I see
in the dark - and it is yours.
Take a step and come inside.
I am waiting
for you.


May 31, 2004 - A poem about Words, Lust


Every letter bold
blood deep vanity of want.
All heal my hungry ache within
beyond glass and wire.
Every inch of my being craves
for you to read on.

Don’t stop.


April 25, 2004 - A poem about Words, Lust

All But Kiss.

Here I go again,
turning word tricks,
for the poem pimp.

Lying on my back.
feeding the habit,
of an addict soul.

Every word you read,
is my release.

Purge this emptiness,
let me satisfy you.

Want me.


April 21, 2004 - A poem about Lust, Technology


Hey you.
I give good word.
Be my laptop dancer -
make me tilt.

I’m intermittently indeterminate,
anonymously public.
I touch -

What are you wearing?
I’m wearing thin.