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August 7, 2014 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Wake Me When I Get There.

It’s been
since I slept
on a train
closing my eyes
dreaming again
the miles
from the rain
the whys
the from
to & when
my life
with little
to gain
the prize
yet never
the twain
it’s been
I slept
the strain
to be wise
running from
the pain
and every now
& then
I must undo
my brain
to remember
how nice
it is
to dream,
to drift,
to disappear
and it’s
I slept,
on a


April 22, 2014 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Chasing the Moon

I was chasing the Moon
On a road to somewhere new
Or was it chasing me?

Lost like a balloon
With the string cut and gone
Lost unto the breeze.

The road was a stream
As it flowed and carried on
To worried mystery.

Was I rushing too soon?
From the heart of who I am
Rushing to agree.

And I wailed like a loon
On a road to somewhere new
Wondering where I should be.

Singing lonesome tunes
Boys - I didn’t give a damn
‘Cause no-one sang with me.

And as the wheels span
I stuck to the plan -
A new start if I can.

Maybe I cursed fortune
On the way from where I’d been
Or maybe it cursed me

But I chased the Moon that night
As I journeyed to the end,
On a road to somewhere new.


June 10, 2009 - A poem about Journeys

He’s meeting Kurzweil

Frankly I’m impressed
a book deal and induction
new-age world order
inviting him to intersect
with a Hendrix in the wirehex
and frankly I’m impressed.
No, really I’m impressed
the journeys on - inside and out
with difference from the rest
with leaving hive behind
with magic in his step
and all these things
I never guessed
and frankly, yes I am,


October 3, 2007 - A poem about Lust, Technology, Journeys

Let me be your GPS

I know the way.
Every inch and mile
each turn and blur
each waypost sigh,
I know the way.
Yes, I do.
And I know you.
And we both know
it’s time to move.
Lay landscapes bare
unbutton roads -
each lane and every track
open to the journey
never coming back.
I know the way.
Turn left, turn right
straight over keeping on.
We’ll have miles
beneath our wheels,
like every breath
that ever was -
like every glancing move
like wilful lovers lost
but travelling on.
I know the way
I really do -
don’t stop, don’t stop
until I say.



September 13, 2007 - A poem about Journeys

Another Journey

I am
on a train and
fate is faster than I
sleek and slipstream sharp
like an arrow, twisting
through all I know now -
inevitable, like a silk flag
stretched and spread for miles -
my talisman, at once my target
sewn by fortune’s pins
worn to show a difference
untorn by my indifference
raised up for my deliverance.
And I, am on a train


April 2, 2007 - A poem about Journeys

All these things we dreamed

We swam out and said come on in.
and so they did but where are we?
Still swimming, still dreaming, still?
The trouble I believe is ours not theirs
and now we must admit we do not know -
what shall we do? What happens next?
Let us follow on awhile and see.


October 2, 2006 - A poem about Journeys

The Little Fish

I had a thought.
It was small
It was vulnerable
And it was very brave.
Like a tiny fish
Without a shoal
Lost and circling,
And puffing-up
Two times -
maybe four.
Couraged gainst
The sharpened teeth
By some pretence
This little fish,
This little thought
Swam on.


October 17, 2005 - A poem about Journeys, Lyrics

Those Who Wait .

Stilled am I in lull of night
No ocean’s move save salted spite
And where go I in loose-rigged winds?
No bounding heave, no push and cleave,
No rising line or white-mane minds.
All quietened like the muted damned,
Horizon-fixed with tar glued stares
Through eyes that blaspheme stars,
And with curses for a speechless sea
And the stolen shore yet far way.
I lie silent, waiting and becalmed.
Just these thoughts for company.
Oh take me home to those,
that wait for me.


September 4, 2005 - A poem about Journeys

Passive Apology.

Oh, sorry.
Didn’t mean to offend.
I was just … resting here awhile
Thinking on things, journeying inside.
The rules involved weren’t clear to me,
I did not think you’d mind so much.
Me, just sitting and watching
This world and others passing by,
Not knowing you demand a show.
Tell you what, give me a few more days.
Just need to collect my thoughts
Before moving on.


July 1, 2005 - A poem about Cosmicity, Journeys

Sleeper’s Junction.

Meet me,
at the first dream to the left
after the midnight bells.
I’ll be the one wearing a cape
made from peacock’s pride,
and a satin patch over
the wrong eye.
I mean it!
I’ll be there!
for someone -
someone like I’ve never met
(but have always known).
Someone carrying magic
in the heels of their shoes.
But how will I know
if it is you?


May 17, 2005 - A poem about Journeys


Not even poets know his name
This man who cuts all labels
from his virtuoso clothes.
And he who only speaks
through wistful
enigmatic notes,
has used no words
in weeks of history
with doctors and interpreters
from Poland, France (and Sweden too).
He has no voice -
slammed shut in mystery.
since that rain-soaked night
of sudden wandering
that puzzles all.
Did he fall out with someone?
Did he fall off a ship?
Did he fall off the world?
Listen how
he plays for solace
in his days.


April 13, 2005 - A poem about Journeys

Our Town.

We may not have a river
Or seats of learned wise,
Or spires of aspiration,
Like reverend pencils
Filling scribbled sky.
We may not have urbanity
Or graceful galleries,
And eruditious eateries -
For simple tillaged folk
Like you and me.
But, we have community.
Where gentle rogues
Still rake the moon
And lovers swoon
Through squinted eyes.
We watch the midnight downland
Bonfires marking boundaries
For all of us that now accept
Our compromise.


March 11, 2005 - A poem about Journeys

Clouded Water.

We used
to visit often,
and take a sip
from this cold, clear pool.
But now it tastes different -
like a stilled pond where mudfish play,
where every day they battle and stir the clay
just to cloud the sweetness of our stay.
Maybe we should wait until they settle down,
await return of flow that takes away the earthen taste.
But on the other hand, maybe there are springs
and brooks beyond this place we know so well?
Perhaps we should at least, walk on a bit
and take a look.


February 3, 2005 - A poem about Journeys

Hitcher’s Tale.

I got in the car,

and he said to me;

“Do you believe in infinity?”

We headed off as he grinned in glee,

and drove a thousand miles per hour

down a one-way street.


August 12, 2004 - A poem about Journeys

Get Me There

The road fools.
Innocence and trust
are far away.

You whisper in the engine whir.

Routes pass.
Through hungry night
Grinding me like
old teeth crunched
in ache and hope.

You grin in headlamp gleam.

No room to muse.
On more than road,
or space for touch
or breath of you.

But still I feel you - in the wheel.


July 5, 2004 - A poem about Friendship, Journeys

Teacher’s Sail

You are the pilot of my naive ways
Perfectly maneuvering us through
A fog of ignorance and lack of guile
Klaxon like in the authority of you
Piercing the fated crowds of night
Across the simmered sea of doubt.

I trust your calm commands to shore
Away from drift over shallow shale
Above the wrecks of young mistake
For the tide of years is a wise captain
Who has dredged these paths before
And learned - all that you teach now


June 21, 2004 - A poem about Journeys

Standard Class.

I see the whole world, in carriage
No. 9, chicken stacked on shunted track
awkwardly aligned by destination
as footfall clunk and rhythm of ride.
Out of my window, stop-motion towns
like snapshot blink and snatch
assembled strobelights in the blur
from greenhill up and down
to grey high rise and logo crown.
But seated linear in the curve of life
I see without look, know without feel
feigning sleep for fear of settled gaze
or locking eyes and furtive glance.
I want to steal words of muted commune
to rustle the headlines of everyday lives
but I’m quietened in thievery of thought
whilst a pinched announcer interrupts.


June 9, 2004 - A poem about Journeys

The Unfinished Road

From aching bone to wisdom come,
all hear this ode of heartened mind.
From bridge of high to soul entwined,
like skipping stones of life aligned,
from stumble creep to giant step,
I sense a journey come to end.
As life reels in and thoughts contend,
to follow more than age descent,
my hours in creation’s land
all plot my path to puzzles solved.
From clay of doubt to tread resolved,
these old roads traveled can still evolve!


May 21, 2004 - A poem about Age, Journeys

Map of Doubt.

Tired in the bones of life,
every breath a sigh released,
the traveller journeys on,
no step, a stride decreased.

Mired in the wet sand,
footfall etched in memory,
only recollection’s path,
marks his lost trajectory.

Waymarks of a shadowed fate,
conspired against an open route,
a weary compass held, required,
to heed his map of doubt.

But though navigation end adjourned,
and passage studied slow,
this noble traveller, remains content
to tread the earth below.