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January 22, 2015 - A poem about Family

Canopy Of Stars

We slept
as children do
first night fitful
then surrender
rain fell
but then,
with wonder
all we needed
was each other
bent-knee spoons
in the tray of night
we woke
but didn’t rise
we spoke
about the sky
we started fires,
tuned the radio,
brewed fine coffee,
nice and cosy,
living slow.


January 16, 2014 - A poem about Family, Lyrics

A Father Is A Feeling

It doesn’t matter who you are,
This way you feel is never gone
It doesn’t matter what you do
Though sometimes wishing more.

It’s a long way to where you’ve been
So very close, but never done
Time stretched like old kite string
And the flight has just begun.

It doesn’t matter what you know
When memories rush in to slow
It doesn’t matter you don’t feel bold
and sometimes wishing more.

It’s wrong to see just what you’ve seen
To rest your eyes but not to dream
This shall be painted bright for all
As living lives begin.

So it doesn’t matter how you try,
The ways you wonder why
It really doesn’t matter what you do
Just keep on wishing, more.


May 9, 2013 - A poem about Family

Turn This On Its Head.

am not
a trampoline,
even though you
think I should be. You
can’t just bounce like gravity
and no-one sent you here saying;
‘let off steam on that thing!’
That thing, it is not me.
and I am not a

may bend your
knees when you land
them in me, but I am no fan of
such activities - romping endlessly,
you yelling ‘this, is such a rush
and this is such a thing!’ me,
knowing I’m not a thing,
just for you to crush.
Yes I am not a

then, I see.
You jump so joyfully.
You don’t assume to pounce
indefinitely, or leap until my body’s
crushed to dust. Just there, just laughing
‘I do love this thing, I love this thing!’
This thing indeed I’ll now accept
that should and shall be me,
as I embrace what must.
I’ll always, be your


January 2, 2011 - A poem about Family

Nothing rhymes with Children

Every child is a word
waiting to express itself.


February 2, 2009 - A poem about Friendship, Family

Laughed so hard I puked

I’m so proud of you.
It was the stuff of legend
all them hearts stopping at once
so funny
and humbling too.
I saw you so,
holding court
with those strangers,
telling THAT joke.
Oh brother,
you fell
onto the payphone
and I snorted my beer.


December 11, 2006 - A poem about Family

I killed Santa

I killed Santa
and then I broke
your heart.
I couldn’t lie.
I thought you knew.
This was the day
he died.
I told you,
he was a dream
to gently wake -
I whispered this
was part
of growing
Yet still
the tears rolled
and you sobbed
and you cried again,
not foolish at all -
forever like,
a child.


November 24, 2006 - A poem about Family

Our Wanderer Returns.

Back from your adventure.
There you are. Stretching on the sofa.
Did the rain bother you?
We wondered if you’d sheltered -
you’d never seen such weather.
And we worried and we hoped,
and we tried not to wonder.
Had you ventured very far?
“I’m hearing wails”
(said our neighbour)
“… can you hear them too?”
Oh, how we ran to put on shoes,
hoping it would be


October 19, 2005 - A poem about Family


Every day I kick myself.
Is this laughter really mine?
Loud like bad played notes
on a cheap plastic horn.
But I am so proud.

And the stories they tell,
and the pictures they show -
ah, such wonder!

How did this occur?
There is no weariness now.
Suddenly I am, Superman -
jumping and giggling into life,
clamouring too with love.


October 11, 2005 - A poem about Love, Family

Succour Punch.

you were born
I didn’t cry.
I was struck dumb -
could not describe
the feelings felt
for you.
like electricity
running through
my restless back
and flooding in
my empty head,
my vacuum heart.
switching on
deep inside
and bewitching
with delight,
and sparks
of life -
my soul.
But not,
like raptured
passion’s flame
or glowing ember’s
warm embrace,
nor kinship
of years
or kindly smiles
from journeys
this feeling …
It was Instant.
It was Persistent.
It was Beautiful.
And I’ll never forget,
and I cannot escape,
and still cannot describe
beyond mere love
and loving


October 10, 2005 - A poem about Friendship, Family


May whatever you do, be better than what you’ve done,
Reclaimed from hard-drudged hours, like distilled time.
Where dreams are hoist with steadfast will and laughter peels
Against the hollow cry of pitied fate that follows all but you.

May you dare to run with winds, then leap the shadowed ground
To whisper calls at stirring night, not feared of worried days.
And you, who triumphs in the light will be joyous in the dew
Beguiled and surprised to tell of truths, to likes of you and I.

May you always stay temperate in the sluice of unkind rains,
Bite parched tongues that rise to taste the bracken pall,
Find blue opals in the darkest well of circumstance,
And stretching, go beyond our normal mortal reach.

And long may you embrace all things that you will learn
And speak of such to those you know, and don’t.
May your breath be strong and full, and your songs be sung
And leave a smile in mind for those you aim to teach.

Oh may you hear amongst the shouts, the murmuring of souls -
Seek wonders found in chance and call of happenstance,
And understand the understandings you shall heed
And then, may you recall these wishes left by me.


October 6, 2005 - A poem about Family


You had a glow about you
amongst the harvest souls.
Pin sharpened in the blur,
like a gilded lion you spoke to me.
Smiling, serene and standing proud -
the one to notice in the crowd.
No need to seek you out -
you had a glow about you.
And I heard (but did not hear)
and I saw (but did not see)
and then I knew.
You, are


October 4, 2005 - A poem about Family


We are your aches and pain -
indenture you must bear.
On kind shoulders
column strong - with prideful grace
for hold of acrobats.

Not dare we tell of minds,
in awe of patient kind
that is your way.

Forgetting belligerence,
regretting not the binds -
you guardian sleep the world,
raising sun and moon as we desire,
tucking in the day.


July 12, 2005 - A poem about Family

Five Years and Counting.

and onions
that’s all
he wants to eat.
Oh! This little boy
will be the death of me.
He rides his bike
without his helmet on,
and wails when I defy his will -
makes me feel that I am wrong,
when his trousers
are too loose and itch
his thrashing legs
that kick me in the jaw.
‘Lighten up’ I think when he
tightens up his noose on me,
this bedtime story heckler,
this seasoned pre-school shirk
up against a punch drunk fool
waiting to hear the bell.
And one of us will go to hell
but I’m sure it won’t be him.
It’s when he smiles you see -
he’s an angel, who hides
his wings.


June 12, 2005 - A poem about Family


When you become a father
The world turns differently
And wheels that used to spin
Now roll with soul within.


May 29, 2005 - A poem about Family


I watched you drawing,
and I was just so happy.
You crossed the road alone,
and found the best view
then set yourself up -
as if for the thousandth time.
Did you know I was sneaking
quick looks across the way?
You, sitting on that pavement box
like an awkward wunderkind.
Me, watching your head weaving,
back and forth - collecting
what you saw, placing it all
so carefully on the sketch
you drew so beautifully.
You looked so content,
so grown-up. I felt selfish
in my want for you to stay
forever in such a happy place
along with the scribblings
that marked your new adventure.
Ah well, at least you may remember
the day you drew a picture of our house
and the time you made your father
so very, very proud.


May 19, 2005 - A poem about Words, Family

To You.

I shall leave some words
for you to find when I am gone.
Words from the secret one -
written thoughts not dared to voice.
Words from the inside -
sculpted from imaginings,
into real, tangible things.
I will leave some words
for you who seek
a part of me that’s
left behind.


April 22, 2005 - A poem about Memories, Family


once kicked a ball
so high - I swear,
it disappeared
into the clouds
than stunt kites
he taught me
how to fly.
that’s how
it seemed,
and I remember
the green of the leaves.
that day,
we found the weir
(the one I lost my shoe in)
with flashing trout,
and I was
just so proud
when he cast his line
and reeled
one in.
of water,
we stayed
on his cabin boat.
he named it after us kids;
we didn’t see him much,
so these
were special days
always ending
with wind-tinkling masts
and next day plans.
he was the captain,
of an adoring crew.
and, he had THAT look !
his jazz look.
it would
embarrass me so -
all beatnik crazy.
shouting “yeah”,
with starey eyes
and big band styled
hep cat smiles.
oh, If only
I’d realised then.
I’d want to say
a thousand words,
a million lines
or more -
about him,
about laughter
about amazement -
about growing up.
about him kicking a ball
that’s never
coming back.
but that’s selfish,
so I won’t.


April 15, 2005 - A poem about Memories, Family

Little Shoes.

Don’t look at me with na├»ve eyes,
like big splashed pebbles before sun
awaiting the kiss of eternal sea
and laughing curl of children’s toes.
Don’t look to me for all I can defy,
my vanity feigns to hold these years -
for you, who grows, whilst I stay old.
Don’t look back, don’t look ahead,
Don’t look now, don’t look, don’t look!
You’ll know when the moment comes
to race alone cross coarser sand,
towards the tide for running’s sake,
across the marks of necklaced time.
Then, you’ll look at me to say goodbye,
you’ll turn and wave, to face the spray
and I’ll throw away your little shoes.


March 18, 2005 - A poem about Love, Family, Lyrics

I Can’t .

I can’t
decide if you are mine
or happenstance that falls
like bonfired leaves
on unsuspecting
souls like me.
I can’t
This grand design,
this torch you hold
that shines and warms
my heart, like …
wintered fairground rides
in turning sun, awake
and overjoyed
to be alive.
I can’t
ignore your
beacon reach
that tugs my soul -
swaying colour greyed,
from numb of age
to weight of days.
I can’t
exist without
the growth and flow
of you, of all you are,
and may become.
I simply can’t
deny this love I feel.
I can’t, I can’t,
I can’t.


February 23, 2005 - A poem about Love, Family

New Born.

Our joy awoke
and drank
the world in one.
Shared the air
with lungs like
unfurling wings,
sending heartbeat
cries around
the world.
Nestled and rolled,
curling like paper
by caring souls.
But strong,
like a wild foal
already tall
in utterance
of love.

(For Jared Daniel).


December 20, 2004 - A poem about Family

P r e t t y .

Fix sequined hearts
to outstretched firs,
and spotlight’s catch
on needle arms.
Hang foiled smiles
then bury them
in green of dawn and wait
for gold-noosed days.
Come sparklesnakes
and silvered dew
and chocolate
in the mornings.
This time of year,
this very night,
this very moment -
let us decorate
the trees!


December 15, 2004 - A poem about Love, Family


There is one,
in the many sweet voiced souls.
Singing proud like a joyous bell
amid the peel of fluted tones
through cherried cheeks
and beauty’s song.
She is mine, and I am proud
of her, dancing beyond the crowd -
a voice apart of lilting gild
that brushes single tear’s fall
upon this love that hides
within my melting heart.


October 4, 2004 - A poem about Memories, Family


When we found the bomb, it was rusted.
like an abandoned mower fallen down,
rotting amongst the roots and moss
a grey backed breakfast for worms
with insect insignia barely visible.
Under the lost brown over-run
of its shattered iron case.

I think it was you who first tripped
over this blunt cutter of men
lying for years unknown
in the peaceful forest green.
It was size of two strong arms -
reaching out to us through
the softbed verdant floor.

Before, we were boys -
bored of the gravel track, wanting
wild trees and Action Men
and McQueen punched jaws -
anything but old men’s roads.
Then, Dad told us; “Go on! Run off!
Find something really exciting to do!”

That’s exactly what we did.


July 3, 2004 - A poem about Family

Poem for the Little Ones

My ambivalence is an irrelevance.
For they, are the enthusiasm of life condensed.
Beautifully illuminated like playful little meteorites
plotting random vectors across my ordered sky.
The world is all but a wondrous climbing frame
for these busy souls - that cling with gravity
when told it’s time to leave.

My introspection is no exception.
For they, are the conscience of vain mundanity.
Their helium voiced, small-fry dive for pearls
is deep in the ocean of my everyday.
Jumping with such fine bones of glee,
into the boringness of me. In search, and trail
of some outrageous mystery.

My frustration should be celebration.
For they, are joyous in the suckle of discovery.
Like young bees in honey dance and thrill of find
of fragrant flowers’ golden powdered load.
My unbridled joy is in the moments shared
with their fledgling winged adventures
and wide eyed stories told.

My intent then, is the content of a diamond.
For they are oblivious to the drudge and toil -
no crowded hive or sad polluted sea and sky.
I pray that they continue to know this delight,
of whom they are today. Like moonlit flares
showing us all how amazing it is,
to be alive.


May 12, 2004 - A poem about Family


Young pirates don’t watch T.V.
They loop from beam and sail,
rocking their boat,
bountifully nefarious,
laughing mad.

You is more than a game, boy!
Leave that Sorry Plaything®,
and swing.

Forget these cathode scenes,
and get some sunshine in.
Go forth, discover islands new,
hoist your pride up high.
See your cutglass smile.


May 6, 2004 - A poem about Family


Dancing in parallel,
me and the snowglobe girl.
Tilting my axis,
beautifully unsettled,

She is magnified,
glass clean and artic pure,
An enchantment.

All I am and all I can be,
balanced like a leaf,
on a fairground rail,
change and motion stirred.
Just watching the flow.