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July 27, 2004 - A poem about Friendship


been cranking the handle
turning the gears of my day.
Mustering iron-like crunch of persistence
to tilt the balance of who I am.
They’ve been winding up the clock
with hands that circle the hours of my ways,
leveraging dedication with obligation,
and burdening my arms with plans to catch
the spinning cogs of responsibility.
I’ve been resisting the pull of these loaded wheels,
slipping the notches - slowing the steel pull of their load,
vaguely dodging my interlocked dependence on normality.
All this just to spy between twain and spite of grind -
straining to catch a fleeting glance of a silvered albatross,
cutting through the soaring blue above the machine.

That, is the beautiful distraction of you.


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