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October 18, 2004 - A poem about Friendship, Lyrics

Barcode Rocker.

There’s a rocker in the supermart
buying beans and budget ham.
Judging standard over premium,
counting measures, in the cans.
Cool dude, in the freezer row
basking in the frosted glow.
Checking chilled goods’ turn
of sell-by date - and bargains
in the dry ice snow.

He’s queuing with the rest of us,
no adulation in the aisles.
No signs up on the shopfloor plan,
No icons for his style.
Did you see him do the kitchen roll?
Know his genius at the salad bar?
Feel the presence of a superstar
choosing tuna over caviar?

Look, there he is -
waving coupons! Pinching pence,
from our ordinary circumstance.
And there! He signs an autograph,
smiling - grooving, riffing.
A Rockstar, in the checkout jam.


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