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November 21, 2004 - A poem about  Situations


There, he walks,
towards night polished floors
and fluorescent halls
with open cradled hands
waiting for something more.
His restless sauntering,
from pine-tree car to neon door,
clasped by shocked moon air
through nostrils clipped
like moth-winged frost
and cigarettes.
No-one sees anyone here,
that’s why he comes.
For here is calmed
by nothing more than
pale coffee spills
and empty echo calls -
no distracted solitaire
in this abandoned whale hall.
There is just enough to see
but not enough to hear,
of white noise elevated
above daylight residues
in silent bench and bell.
And now he sits quietly,
like an actor ruminating
over a difficult audition -
re-running all the things
that should be said.
Bottom floor - lowest level,
baggage claim - thinking…
among the reverbed booths.
His question spot -
where confusions disappear,
beyond polite knowing glance
and hollow announcements.
Beyond the awkward entourage
of worry and complication.
Here, just him and the night staff,
invaluable backstage helpers all
moving the props in readiness
for tomorrow.


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