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July 3, 2004 - A poem about Family

Poem for the Little Ones

My ambivalence is an irrelevance.
For they, are the enthusiasm of life condensed.
Beautifully illuminated like playful little meteorites
plotting random vectors across my ordered sky.
The world is all but a wondrous climbing frame
for these busy souls - that cling with gravity
when told it’s time to leave.

My introspection is no exception.
For they, are the conscience of vain mundanity.
Their helium voiced, small-fry dive for pearls
is deep in the ocean of my everyday.
Jumping with such fine bones of glee,
into the boringness of me. In search, and trail
of some outrageous mystery.

My frustration should be celebration.
For they, are joyous in the suckle of discovery.
Like young bees in honey dance and thrill of find
of fragrant flowers’ golden powdered load.
My unbridled joy is in the moments shared
with their fledgling winged adventures
and wide eyed stories told.

My intent then, is the content of a diamond.
For they are oblivious to the drudge and toil -
no crowded hive or sad polluted sea and sky.
I pray that they continue to know this delight,
of whom they are today. Like moonlit flares
showing us all how amazing it is,
to be alive.


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