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March 10, 2008 - A poem about Cosmicity

Mystery Poem

in a tear
as they are
the racing car
lamps of your eyes
tracing, scratching lines
towards the inward
imaginings of selfish ‘I’
whirling in surprise
chasing those that hide
already cold as shudders
break, like new waves in ice
across the movers and the lies
doggedly tough
as they are
like trapped sky cries
wrapped in furrows and twine
there, sighting cloudline
blistered gaze
falling now
with bow and rise -
she’s a strange insect
flailing in a night jar
catching scent of moon
and twilight brings her soon -
tell your pacing heart
these pulses, these flashes
these little arcs of light
they, are just
the start.


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