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November 17, 2004 - A poem about Words

15 mins.

and counting
That’s all
I’ve got
But don’t watch
the clock
I am tapping
on these keys
for some thoughts
to come to me
But now ten mintes
is all I have
that’s less
than I had
Where did
the minutes go?
Oops - now it’s
down to eight
and they’ve
gone again
Thing is,
I can’t be late
or make
people wait
Whilst I’m on seven
then I should
perhaps surmise
or offer
finishing lines
then wisely save
the final five
for edItIng
and cut ‘n’ paste.
Who knows?
There’s three to go
and now I’m
feeling low
Have I said
anything of note?
Have I spoken
to you?
Too late!
I’ve stopped
tapping on the keys
Waiting for thoughts
to come to me.


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